Open for Nomination: SIA-Uniseal G-Architect Award

SIA-Unisal G-Architect Award
(G-Architect:- Green Architect)

Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) is pleased to launch a new award this year - SIA-Uniseal G-Architect Award . This Award is an honour that is bestowed annually on an Asian architect. And the award recognises an architect for his/her contribution to advance and advocate the theory and design practice of sustainable architecture.

The nominee’s designs display integration between the natural and man-made systems, and craft and technology. In addition, the nominee’s designs celebrate sustainable architecture and environmental performance.

1. Participation (by Nomination only)

The Nomination for SIA-Uniseal G-Architect Award is now open. All nominees must fulfil the below -mentioned eligibility and supported by one (1) architect (i.e. nominator). The nominator must provide a citation (of at least 150 words) on the rationale the candidate is nominated.  ARCASIA Member Institutes may nominate.

1.1 Nominee Eligibility

  • The nominee must be a citizen or permanent resident in Asia; or
  • The nominee practices in an Asian office for a substantial part of his/her career.
  • The nominee has completed substantial number of buildings in Asia.

2. Submission Requirement

All submission materials shall be in English.  All submissions are to be done online via http://www.siaarchiawards.sg/.

Each submission must comprise:

2.3.1 Nominator’s Citation

The submission must be accompanied by a citation (min 150 words) from the nominator. Where possible, the citation should make reference to the SIA Position Paper – ‘Attributes of a Sustainable Built Environment’, or how the works achieve the Attributes. The position paper is available for download HERE).

2.3.2 Write up, Portfolio, Photographs of Nominee

  • A detailed portfolio, to include the nominee’s philosophy and achievements (in terms of environment sustainability), e.g. related awards / prizes, publications and major contribution to sustainable architecture.
  • A 20-slide powerpoint (in .ppt or .pptx format) highlighting the best of a minimum of 3 projects (images in high resolution, jpeg format of at least 150 dpi); and
  • 2 photographs of the nominee (in jpeg format of at least 150 dpi).

2.3.3 Recognition of Joint Authorship and / or Associate Designer

Where a project in the portfolio is carried out in association with another firm, due recognition must be accorded to the other firm, regardless of professional discipline. However, the nominee must be the principal / main architect (or designer) of the project. The nominee shall be solely responsible to ensure the submission is agreed and consented to by the authors, including joint authors, before making the submission.

3.    Judging

3.1 Judging Criteria

The main evaluation criteria are as follows:

  • Have evidenced a broad and deep body of sustainable built works that advance sustainable architecture.
  • Have contributed a significant pool of knowledge that advocates practice and eco-literacy of sustainable architecture.
  • Have attained a wide recognition amongst the nominee’s fraternity.
  • Other aspects of the nominee’s work or life experience deserving of recognition.

3.2 Jury Decision

The decision of the Jury is final and shall not be negotiated, contested, reviewed, challenged or appealed against by any party through any means or process whatsoever. The Jury may at their own discretion decide not to give any award for that particular cycle.

4.    Prize

The prize comprises

  • Cash prize of SGD10,000; and
  • A specially designed plaque.

The results of this award will be published in the ‘SA Magazine’. The laureate will be invited to give a presentation at a convenient forum.

5. Inquiries

Any architect wishing to obtain further information on the write up or terms and conditions may send queries in English by email to SIA Secretariat at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Such email shall clearly state “SIAUGAA 2013” as the subject heading. Deadline for submission of questions is 17 Jan 2014 .

6. Programme



 Launch of Award

 1 Oct 2013

 Closing Date for Questions and Answers

 17 Jan 2014

 Publication of Responses to Q&A on Award Website www.siaarchiawards.sg

 24 Jan 2014

 e-Submission Deadline

 14 Feb 2014, 12 noon (GMT+8)

 Judging Session

 Mar 2014

 Notification of Winners

 by mail, Apr 2014

For full details on the award, please visit the G-Architect Award site (http://www.siaarchiawards.sg)

Proudly sponsored by :

Singapore Institute of Architects