Students Jamboree

ARCASIA Student Jamboree 2018

Accompanying each Asian Congress of Architects is the gathering of architectural students from member countries of ARCASIA under the auspices of the ARCASIA Committee for Architectural Education.

The objectives of the Student Jamboree are as follows:

  • to facilitate talented Asian students of architecture
  • to travel in the region and experience the architecture of different but related environment from their own;
  • to foster among the up and coming generation of architects in the region a better understanding of each other's countries and their contemporary conditions and problems;
  • to encourage the building of inter-personal contacts between the architectural students in the region;
  • to promote an awareness among Asian architectural students of the role and work of ARCASIA and ACAE,and to engender their support to and future participation as architects in these institutions;
  • to enliven ARCASIA deliberations by the presence of students.